Parallels Greater China


Parallels Greater China

Loo Lian Wee(Lv Lianwei), Managing Director for Parallels Greater China

1997 Loo founded his own SOHO computer retailing company. He also operated multiple businesses related to finance software, network systems and hardware wholesale industries.

2000 Loo joined HP Singapore Far East and headed the HP Online Store Asia Pacific.

2002 Loo handled document and image management for several well-known multi-national banks in Singapore.

2003-2005 Loo joined as the Vice-President of the Products and Technologies Division, General Manager of the International Division, and the Vice-president of the Operations Management Division.

2010 Loo joined Parallels China as Managing Director. He was responsible for the company’s businesses in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Loo’s innovative management experience, successful technology research and development skills, and client network greatly helped the company expand into new markets.

Parallels Greater China

Parallels Inc.

Introduction to Parallels Inc

Since its establishment in 1999, Parallels has specialized in automation and virtualization software. It is now a world-leading developer of cloud services, including virtualization of desktop, operating system (OS) and host computer management (Plesk Panel). Loo is especially confident in the company’s competitive edge in OS-based virtualization software for MAC desktop virtualization and host computer services.

Parallels focuses on improving the computing ability of mainstream hardware, OS and virtual platforms for individuals and companies. It has won more than 80 patents and has a global client network of more than 500 top companies in the industry, including Microsoft, Apple, Intel, AMD, Dell, HP and IBM. It has provided a virtual platform for the Apple Bare Metal Xserve and has announced plans to enhance Google Chrome in the Parallels Desktop for Mac. Parallel’s cooperation with top global companies shows its industry strengths and leading technological capabilities.

Innovation is the key for Parallels. “As technology advances, products and services will become more and more diverse and complicated,” said Loo. “Numerous small and medium-sized companies hope that a medium like Parallels can develop simpler and more user-friendly products to help them utilize products and services by large-scale providers. This is where our innovation comes from.”

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