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Melilea International
Datuk Dr. Alan Wong and his wife Datin Dr.Stella K.Y..
Datuk Dr. Alan Wong, Founder and President of Melilea International

Datuk Dr. Alan Wong, founder and president of Melilea International, is a Chinese Malaysian entrepreneur. He has 20 years of experience in the Internet industry, corporate management and sales.

A decade ago, Dr. Wong and his wife started the company against serious skepticism, but they devoted themselves to success with courage and vision. Now Melilea has become a leading global corporation in the health and organic industries. In addition to their business success, the couple are also devoted philanthropists.

Melilea International
Datuk Dr. Alan Wong in his company.

Melilea International
Fine decoration in the Asian headquarters of Melilea International.

Introduction to Melilea International

A decade ago, the little-known start-up surprised the industry with popular organic products. The company utilized innovation, honesty and high quality to sustain a decade of growth in the organic products industry.

In 2002, Melilea’s founder and chairman, Datuk Dr. Alan Wong and Executive President Datin Dr. Stella K.Y. Chin founded Melilea based on the simple philosophy that by living an organic way of life, one would attain health and success from the inside-out.

Initially it was not easy to promote organic products in the Asian market. Asian technology lagged forty years behind the US, where the organic food industry first originated. It took time for Asians to accept organic food.

But Dr. Wong and Chin saw organic food in Asia as an irreversible trend and led Melilea to become a dominant business in the sector.

Utilizing the technology of organic farming and production, Melilea introduced their Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder drink into the Asian diet. The organic breakfast beverage was useful for toxin-expulsion and nutrition absorption.

Melilea quickly expanded into global markets. It has opened branches in the US, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Vietnam. It is planning to enter markets in Japan, Korea and Chinese mainland. The company also plans to expand into Germany, Russia and Italy in the next decade. Melilea’s goal is to create the biggest organic product company founded by Chinese. It believes that the company will expand into more locations and bring organic food to more people.

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