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Bombardier China
Zhang Jianwei, President of Bombardier China.
Zhang Jianwei, President of Bombardier China

Zhang Jianwei was promoted to president of Bombardier China in February 2010. Zhang's responsibilities include advising, coordinating and leading the management of company relationships with various Chinese government entities, as well as strategic support for relations management with other key jurisdictions.

Zhang began his career at Bombardier as a project manager in 1995. Since then, he has held a variety of positions with rapidly increasing responsibilities. He was promoted to director of the Projects and Business Development in 1997 and to vice-president of Bombardier Transportation, China in 1998. In 2005, he was named president and chief representative of Bombardier China, supporting both Bombardier Transportation and Bombardier Aerospace.

Zhang has a low-key, honest and modest personality and a win-win business philosophy. He quickly adapted to new markets and became a favored multinational corporate leader among Chinese clients.

Bombardier China
More than 80 percent of carriages of non-stop high-speed trains in operation are provided by BSP.

Introduction to Bombardier China

Transportation is an industry that depends heavily on both technology and capital. Bombardier has won market share in China with its advanced technologies. Despite its late entrance, the company has established a large production network in China, helping the company maintain close operations with Chinese clients.

Bombardier is a Canadian manufacturer of transportation vehicles, headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It provides innovative transportation solutions, including regional aircrafts, business and commercial aircrafts, and rail vehicles.

Since its entrance into China in the late 90s, it has been the major provider for regional aircrafts in Chinese mainland. Bombardier Business Aircraft also provides business and commercial aircraft services such as the Challenger 604 business jet. Bombardier's joint venture Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation (BSP) produces high-speed passenger trains for Chinese mainland market. More than 80 percent of carriages of non-stop high-speed trains in operation are provided by BSP. BSP will also provide 361 trains which can run on plateaus. Bombardier’s other joint ventures in China have multiple businesses, producing locomotives, tractors, and subway carriages for major cities. “China is a long-term strategic partner with Bombardier, no matter in aerospace or rail transportation,” said Zhang Jianwei.

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