Formosa Epitaxy Inc


Formosa Epitaxy Inc
Feng-ren Chien, Chairman of Formosa Epitaxy Inc (FOREPI).
Feng-ren Chien, Chairman of Formosa Epitaxy Inc (FOREPI)

Educational background:

1985 National Tsing Hua University, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

1994 Brown University, PhD in Engineering (Materials)

Work experience:

1995-1997 3M Research Center, Austin, Texas, developing blue-green light laser

1997 Associate Professor at the Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences, National Taiwan Ocean University

2000 General Manager of FOREPI Inc

Chien said his managerial principle is simple and effective and varies in different situations. “I have two things to share with my colleagues,” said Chien. “First is to make sure the whole company is on the same page, so the management can be more effective. Second is to inspire the staff, to make the enterprise develop faster.”

Formosa Epitaxy Inc
Logo of FOREPI.

Introduction to Formosa Epitaxy Inc

FOREPI was incorporated on Nov 4, 1999 in the Lung-Tan Industrial Park in Taoyuan county, Taiwan and was included in theHsinchu Industrial Park in 1993.

FOREPI is a high power InGaN LED wafer, chip and InGaN based LED products manufacturer. Using the advanced Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) technology, it has developed blue, green and near-UV chips and put them into mass-production. These products can be applied in signal and backlight, full color display and energy-saving illumination. The spectrum of the products ranges from 385 to 560 nanometers. Their brightness, electronic properties and quality have won approval from international clients.

FOREPI continues to improve the performance of InGaN-based LED products to achieve increased dominance and extend the business into wireless communication.

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