Everlight Chemical


Everlight Chemical
Chien-hsin Chen, Chairman of Everlight Chemical.

Chien-hsin Chen, Chairman of Everlight Chemical

Chien-hsin Chen was a model student and is an outstanding company leader. He went to top schools in Taiwan and the US, earning a master’s degree in public health from Harvard. In 2009, he successfully took over and led the development of his father’s 40-year-old company. The second-generation leader of Everlight continued to keep a low profile as he took on more responsibilities.

Everlight Chemical
Everlight Chemical, professional in prostaglandin.


Introduction to Everlight Chemical

The company’s philosophy to focus on technology research and development has transformed it from an imitator to a creator. It not only seeks profits, but also the growth of talented personnel. It is dedicated to environmental protection, and is the first enterprise in Taiwan to employ environmental accounting. This accounting system provides a high level of insight into the company’s fulfillment of social responsibilities.

Since its establishment in 1972, the company has adhered to the philosophy of “Pursuit of Progress and Innovation, Stimulation of Individual Potential and Contribution to Quality of Life”. It aims to provide high-quality products and maintainmutually beneficial relations with clients. The company has expanded domestically and internationally in over 80 countries, with branches in Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, the US, Holland and Turkey. In the past four decades, it has developed high-tech products with high added value, low energy consumption and less pollution. Its products include color chemicals, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronic chemicals and nano-materials. In addition to its dedication to product quality, the company places priority on personnel morality and client needs.

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