Simula Technology Inc


Simula Technology Inc
You Suguan, Chairwoman of Simula Technology Inc.
You Suguan, Chairwoman of Simula Technology Inc

You Suguan started her business in 1990. Before establishing her company, she underwent thorough investigation of the IT industry. She found that since the Taiwan economic boom in the 1970s, many traditional industries were already saturated while the IT industry still bore great potential. Despite its small size, Taiwan plays an important role in the global electronics manufacturing industry, providing outsourcing services and parts for multi-national companies. You believed that a Taiwan-based IT company serving the international market would be very successful.

Simula Technology Inc
Simula Technology.
Introduction to Simula Technology Inc

Simula was incorporated in 2003 and headquartered in Tao Yuan, Taiwan. The company is an expert in connectors and high-frequency and miniaturized connector R&D. It is among the few connector manufacturers in Taiwan capable of R&D, mold development and patent application. It established its Shenzhen branch in 2004. At the time, the company was able to increase efficiency and cut costs through vertical integration of its product line and utilization of automatic and semi-automatic production technologies.

Simula, led by Chairwoman You, has won international reputation for its leading technologies. It is the only Taiwan cooperator with Blackberry smartphone developer RIM Co. Simula has won many awards and honors, such as the Best Asia Listed- Medium-Sized Enterprise in 2009 by Forbes Asia, the 32nd Annual Best Pioneering Enterprise, the Best Innovating Medium-Sized Enterprise of 2009, the 12th Annual CHINGFUNG Award for Outstanding Company of the Year and the 18th Annual National Taiwan Foundation Company Award.

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