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JCD Group
Xu Zhimin, CEO of JCD Group.
Xu Zhimin, CEO of JCD Group

Xu Zhimin graduated from the Hydraulic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University in 1984 and received his PhD from Nagoya University through state funding.

Xu founded the JCD Group in Japan in 1993. Based on his experiences in the telecommunications and broadcasting industry, he decided that the company should enter the Chinese market. In July 2001, he founded the first Japanese mobile CP (content provider) company in Beijing, competing with mainstream companies such as China Mobile and China Unicom. In 2005, it invested $36 million jointly with American large-scale investment companies in the Asia Media Company Ltd. The Asia Media Company was listed in the Japanese stock market in April 2007. In 2006, Xu persuaded American investors to invest in Legend Silicon Corporation, the inventor of the Chinese digital television terrestrial broadcasting system standard, and he became chairman of the company.

Xu has unique insights in the industry and a special management philosophy. Not following the trend blindly is his key to success.

JCD Group
Xu Zhimin is delivering a speech at the China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum, Tokyo 2010.
Introduction to JCD

JCD’s success is due to correct timing and its management philosophy. It was established in the 1990s, when China-Japan economic and cultural exchanges were rapidly developing. It was also in an industry with higher threshold and fewer competitors. The company’s culture of honesty and responsibility also helped its success.

JCD was founded by a Chinese overseas student in Japan with Japanese investor support in attempt to promote China-Japan relations. Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to promoting the economic and technological exchange between the two countries.

JCD focuses on multiple businesses between China and Japan, including communication, media, IT, health management, business consulting and investment.

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