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The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest and largest chambers of commerce in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment, the chamber has aimed to serve the community and develop over time. It provides the business community with opportunities for the exchange of business information to foster regional and international communication and promote trade and commerce. The chamber maintains close contact with trade associations and Chinese chambers all over the world, in particular those in the Chinese mainland. It plays an active role in promoting external trade and attracting foreign investment to the mainland. To support China's reform and opening-up policy, the chamber has organized training courses for senior officials and executives from the mainland every year since 1982.

Moving into the new millennium, an era with rapid technological development and globalization of the world economy, the chamber seeks to explore business opportunities together with its members to develop Hong Kong into a highly efficient and market-oriented metropolis.

The Aims and Objectives of the Chamber

‧ To foster trade and commerce and build a more prosperous Hong Kong

‧ To maintain the rights and interests of business circles in Hong Kong

‧ To participate in social affairs and announce comments

‧ To strengthen communication and liaison between regional and international levels and promote economic cooperation


Macao Chamber of Commerce

The Macao Chamber of Commerce is the largest chamber of commerce in Macao. By the late 19th century, the businessmen of Macao had no organization of their own and whenever necessary they convened at Jinghu Hospital to discuss business affairs.

The objectives of the chamber are to support all the policies of the Macao government, unite all the entities and individuals in the industrial and commercial sectors, safeguard legal rights and interests for the citizens and businessmen in Macao, and work towards the stability and prosperity of society.

The Objectives: The chamber seeks to support the principle of "one country, two systems", to be persistently devoted to the country and Macao, to unite different entities and individuals in the industrial and commercial sectors in Macao, to serve them and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, to promote commercial links with other countries and regions, and to strive for the social stability and economic prosperity of the Macao Special Administrative Region.


Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Established in 1906, the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a commercial group with a long history in Singapore. It is not only the highest governing body of the local Chinese businessmen and commercial communities but also the founding organization of the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention. It enjoys a good reputation in the international business world and owns World Chinese Business Network, a business information website with extensive connections with Chinese enterprises throughout the world. The chamber plays an active and vital role in safeguarding Singaporean businessmens’ benefits and driving the development of domestic and foreign commerce, education, culture and community.

Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

The Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1910. It continues to expand through the joint efforts of the former directors. Today it has developed into one of the most influential Chinese societies in Thailand. The chamber aims to unite and assist overseas Chinese, work for their well-being, and make contributions to the development of the country and society.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Thailand and China, the chamber has made great contributions to enhanced friendship, strengthen economic and trade cooperation, and promote cultural exchanges between both sides. The chamber is highly regarded by both governments. It has received many Chinese State and Party leaders, as well as local government leaders from across China.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan was established on Sept 9, 1999. It is an economic organization composed of overseas Chinese in Japan and Chinese-funded legal representatives in Japan. There was no such organization covering overseas Chinese in Japan until its establishment.

Seminars and discussions on business management and forums on economy are organized to serve the member enterprises and promote exchange between Japan, China and other international enterprises and economic groups. At present, it has over 150 member enterprises. It is the largest and only state-level Chinese economic group in Japan.

As the chamber grows, it will play a more important role in the economic exchange and friendly relationship between Japan and China.


Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada

The Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada was registered to the Canadian federal government in 1995. It was composed from eight major local Chinese chambers of commerce at that time: the Vancouver Chinatown Chinese Association, Richmond Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Sunrise Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chinese Development Association, Vancouver Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Pingyuan Independent Grocery Federation, Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce. It was established by Dr. Lin Siqi, provincial governor of British Columbia; Mr. Huang Guoyu, the founding president; Mr. Huang Wei, the first president; as well as Chinese-Canadian celebrities, such as the famous entrepreneur Mr. Xie Boheng.

After years of development, it serves as a public platform to unite Canada’s eastern and western Chinese entrepreneurs and businessmen. It has more than 1,600 members. Under the leadership of former presidents Huang Wei, Yue Tang, Xie Yingzhen, Liu Fei, Chen Yi, and Lin Hongbo, the delegation has participated in all kinds of trade and business activities to boost investment and trade among its members. With the increase in membership, its influence and strength has been further enhanced. It serves as a club for Chinese businessmen in Canada and as an important window and bridge for domestic and foreign investors.


Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Africa

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Africa, established to serve Chinese businessmen in Africa and promote Sino-African cooperation in trade and investment, was founded on March 16, 2010. It is a non-profit regional non-governmental organization with qualification status as a legal person.

It was registered in South Africa, and is headquartered in No. 8 Chinatown, Johannesburg.

With the support of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa and the government of South Africa, the first council and leader group were elected through a democratic process. Mr. Wang Longshui was elected as the first president of the chamber.

Africa, a continent with some of the richest resources in the world, is regarded as a land with a high return on investment and various business opportunities.

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Africa sincerely welcomes businesses from all over the world to seek common development and mutually beneficial cooperation.


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