Wu Suk-Ching starts first joint venture in China


Annie Wu Suk-Ching was born in September 1948 in Hong Kong. Wu's father is James Tak Wu, president of Maxim's Catering Limited, Hong Kong's largest catering group. Their hometown is Taishan in Guangdong province. Wu graduated from the Sacred Heart Canossian College and the US Armstrong University in California. She was awarded as an excellent student in 1970. After returning to Hong Kong, Wu became executive president of the Hong Kong World Trade Centers Association (WTC) and established China's first joint venture, the Beijing Air Catering Co Ltd. She invested the profits and brought additional investments to set up another 16 joint ventures, including the Fuhua Food Company and Beijing Air Carpet Company. Wu has close connections with the CITIC Group. Upon completion of Beijing's CITIC Mansion, she opened the Cantonese Window on the World restaurant on the top floor. She has been recognized as a Hong Kong Outstanding Young Entrepreneur and Top 10 Business Talent. She has served many positions in different fields, such as member of the Hong Kong Consultative Committee for Basic Law, consultant for Xinhua News Agency on Hong Kong affairs and interim Hong Kong Councilwoman.

She was elected deputy for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Chinese Society for Management Modernization. She was also the deputy for the 7th, 8th and 10th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. With thorough investigation, she made several proposals on youth education, minority development and vocational training. The Peihua Vocational Training Center she founded has trained 2,700 people in 188 sessions since its establishment in 1988. She has also been honored as a successful Hong Kong businesswoman by Fortune magazine.

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