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Li Dongsheng

Li Dongsheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TCL Group Limited by Share Ltd.

Li Dongsheng
TCL works with Hollywood.

Li Dongsheng is Chairman, CEO and founder of TCL Corporation. As one of the most recognized business leaders in China, Mr. Li has led TCL to stand out as a formidable player in the global consumer electronics sector and a pioneering Chinese company undergoing globalization efforts.

In 1982, Mr. Li began his career as an engineer in TTK Home Electronic Appliances, the predecessor of TCL. In 1985, he was appointed general manager of the newly established joint venture, Telephone Communication Limited, thus creating the TCL brand. After being transferred to Huizhou Industrial Development Company, Mr. Li was appointed as the deputy general manager of Huizhou Municipal Electronic Communication Corp in 1990. In 1993, Mr. Li became the general manager of TCL Electronics Group. Shortly thereafter, TCL launched its color TV business and quickly became an industry leader. Mr. Li took the position of chairman and president of the company in 1996.

In 2003, Mr. Li was appointed chairman of the board and CEO of TCL Corporation, which was later listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Under his leadership, TCL accomplished two landmark acquisitions: Thomsons television business and Alcatels mobile phone business, both in 2004. With years of development in global integration, TCLs LCD television and mobile phone sales leaped to 7th place globally by the third quarter of 2011. In 2012, TCL Multimedia has shipped over 10 million LCD TVs as of September. TCL Corporation is the top TV brand in China and ranks sixth among the top 100 Chinese brands. It has 29.81 billion yuan ($4.77 billion) in operating revenues and 480 million yuan in net profit.

In 2011, Mr. Li was recognized as aChinese Economic Leaderby the website Ifeng and 21st Century Business Herald. He also received theLife Achievement Award of Top 25 Influential Business Leadersfrom China Entrepreneur magazine. In 2009, Mr. Li was awardedBusiness Leader of the Decadeby CCTV Economy Channel, in addition to being listed as one of theTop 60 Branding Leaders of the Past 60 Yearsby the Brand China Industry Union. In 2008, Mr. Li received the Deloitte Prize in Barcelona for entrepreneurship and was honored as anEconomic Figurein Chinas reform. In 2008, Mr. Li was recognized in China Times as one of ChinasTop Ten Outstanding CEOs. He was also awardedBrand Founder of over 30 Years of Reform and Opening-Upby a New York brand consulting agency. In 2007, Mr. Li received the Corporate Leadership award from the US-China Forum in Chicago. He was also named aMost Influential Business Leaderin China Entrepreneur magazine in 2006 and 2005,CCTV Man of the Year in the Chinese Economyin 2004,Asia Businessman of the Yearby Fortune magazine in 2004, and one of theTop 25 Global Business Leadersby Time magazine and CNN in 2004. Mr. Li received a French Legion of Honour medal in 2004.

Mr. Li was elected as a delegate to Chinas 16th National Congress of the CPC, and a deputy to the 10th and 11th National Peoples Congress. Mr. Li holds a number of prestigious positions: chairman of the China Electronic Imaging Industry Association, vice-chairman of the China Chamber of International Commerce, and chairman of the Guangdong Home Appliances Chamber of Commerce.

Li graduated from the Department of Radio Technology of South China Polytech University and was one of the first graduates of Chinas reformed university system.

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