In spite of all the honors he has received, Yeung remains quite modest and continues his search for excellence. His peace of mind actually comes from his belief in Buddhism, which goes back to 1981, when he converted to it, and decided to dedicate his life to helping people.

As far as Yeung is concerned, if you have enough material wealth, you should extend others a helping hand and give something back to society, which is to say, accumulate spiritual wealth. He believes that charity is the supreme goal an enterprise can have and that helping others is the key value.

Over the years, Yeung has taken part in philanthropic activities, such as building schools and providing relief to poverty-stricken people and disaster-ravaged areas. He and the company have donated more than HK$ 1.5 billion in public services and, in his words, “have donated funds and have established 37 Hope Schools, and, every year, 1,000 college students from needy families can go to school with help from the JEANWEST College Education Fund.”

Yeung also holds posts in many governmental and social organizations, through which he works hard to make a difference. He’s served as vice-chairman of the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI); been chairman of the Guangdong Chamber of Foreign Investors; a Guangdong provincial CPPCC Standing Committee member; vice-president of the Guangdong Overseas Friendship Association (GOFA); and honorary president of the Guangdong Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. He has also been a member of the Hong Kong Election Committee; a chairman of the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce; and a member of the 9th, 10th, and 11th CPPCC. As thanks for his contribution in these many ways, the Hong Kong government has given him the Silver Bauhinia Star.

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