Chen’s most valuable characteristics are foresight and boldness. He visited Shanghai for the first time in 1993 when the Pudong area was still underdeveloped and transportation across the Huangpu River was inconvenient, featuring only two channels and one bridge. But Chen was hopeful about Pudong’s future so he purchased a site without hesitation to build Aurora Plaza, the group’s mainland headquarters.

At the time of construction, Chen designed a 27-meter-tall golden egg on top of the auxiliary building as a symbol of the group. When asked by Pudong New Area’s government to give up the egg plan, Chen, though he had received design permission earlier, resolutely changed his idea to show full respect. Instead of a big golden egg, many little golden eggs hang in the main building’s hall, their number equal to the group’s age.

Chen has always paid attention to rules and regulations in management. He formulated his corporate regulations on a legal basis in line with humility, his business philosophy, and employee and customer needs.

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