In 1984, AURORA first published Aurora Business Philosophy to accumulate its business experiences.

Associate Contentment

We create a complete system and joyful working environment that enables associates to learn and grow in their career development. Associates and the enterprise grow, share rewards of business, and build a “Corporate Family" together.

Customer Satisfaction

With adherence to sincerity and a passionate attitude, we provide refined service to surpass customer expectations. Continual improvement of enterprise image and brand value helps obtain lasting customers confidence and support.

Business Attainment

We insist on ethical business practices and automated self-revolving operations through full associate participation. Pragmatism and innovation enable us to achieve refined operations and create more profit to share with associates and reciprocate to shareholders and society by becoming an outstanding enterprise citizen.

Pursue Sustainable Business

We implement the philosophies of Associate Contentment, Customer Satisfaction, and Business Attainment, implement governance system, and fulfill social responsibilities in the actualization of our group vision: “Become the leader of the industry by providing refined operation and service, create more profits to share with associates, and give back to society” in the joint pursuit of Sustainable Business.

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