Forward-looking ideas


Talent is key to enterprise development

ACR seeks industrial top talent to help its growth, and offers staff training and scholarships, with no strings attached.

Today, ACR has one of Asia's most powerful elite teams, which not only is equipped with professional knowledge, has an understanding of Asia and is committed to Asia’s development, but also is filled with energy and an adventurous spirit.

Be yourself and do what is good for others

Responsibility, integrity, passion, professionalism, long-term sustainability, excellence and solution seekers, or RIPPLES for short, are ACR core corporate values. It illustrates ACR’s corporate culture of nurturing and a strong desire for positive influence. Resembling a drop of water, ACR wants to trigger a ripple and extend outward, and it will achieve that goal by providing innovative and practical solutions.

Pursuing sustainable development under risk prevention

ACR seeks partnerships with like-minded people to achieve sustainable development.

In addition, ACR will continue to increase product development investment, work with customers to improve information transparency, and conduct risk zoning and joint research on market behavior and emerging risk analysis to build regional emerging markets knowledge and database and help overall development of the re-insurance industry in Asia.

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