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Company profile

Pheim ASEAN Emerging Company growth fund was appraised No.1 for 15 consecutive years by Morningstar in 2010.

Company profile

Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh, Executive Chairman of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) presented Dr. Tan Chong Koay with the first price Award won by Dana Makmur Pheim in The Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards 2013. Mixed Asset MYR Balanced Islamic Fund period ending December 2012 for 10- year period.

Pheim ASEAN Emerging Companies Growth Fund was Ranked No. 1 for 1-to 15- consecutive year by Morningstar 2010. This was a meaningful and well recognized long term track record that Pheim Asset Management had built.

Pheim Asset Management continued to build longer term track record. Pheim SICAV-SIF-ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund (formerly known as Pheim ASEAN Emerging Companies Growth Fund ), established by Tan Chong Koay, has outperformed the FTSE ASEAN Index for 1- to 18-year periods as at September 30, 2013 according to its cumulative in terms of USD returns. In the Morningstar ASEAN Equity Fund Category ranking, the cumulative return of the Pheim ASEAN Fund has outperformed all international competitors in the same industry for 1-to 18-year periods except the 4th year as at September, 2013. The cumulative return rate over 18 years as at September 30, 2013 was +375.92% compared to the FTSE ASEAN Index, which rose +27.81, it outperformed by +348.11%; compared to the next most outstanding opponent, it exceeded by +207.38%. Pheim Asean Fund was also awarded the Asia Asset Management Hong Kong three-year term and 10-year term Best of the Best Awards 2013 up to Sept 30, 2013 in the ASEAN Equity Category. The Fund rate of return for a three-year term was +30.74% while the benchmark return was +8.35%. The fund return rate for a 10-year term was +344.90% and the benchmark return was +208.04%.

Dana-Makmur Pheim (Balance Islamic Fund) was ranked No.1 for 10- year period by The Edge-Lipper Malaysia for Mixed Asset Balance Islamic Category ending December 2012. The cumulative rate of return for the 10-year term was +137.38% while the benchmark return was +97.98%.

Company profile

The total returns (in US dollars) of Pheim’s ASEAN Fund outperformed the FTSE ASEAN Index for all the trailing periods for the 1- to 19- year periods ending September 2014.

Pheim SICAV-SIF – ASEAN Emerging Companies Fund (Pheim ASEAN Fund), which is sub-managed by Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd Malaysia, continues to shine and set a new record as it outperformed the FTSE ASEAN Index for all the trailing periods from 1- to 19-year periods ending September 30, 2014 in terms of total returns in US Dollars. It also outperformed all its peers in the Morningstar ASEAN Equity Category for all the same trailing periods. Its total return in US Dollars for the 19-year period ending September 30, 2014 was 451.69% vs the FTSE ASEAN Index of 34.51% vs the Top Comparative Fund with 187.18%.

The fund has been maintaining its pole position for eight consecutive months since February 2014. This makes Pheim ASEAN Fund the World Best ASEAN Equity Fund in the ASEAN Equity Category as at September, 2014. October, 2014 will be a challenging month though the fund has 35 percent of its holdings in cash.

Pheim ASEAN Fund is among the oldest ASEAN Equity funds. It was launched in February, 1995. It invests in all sizes of emerging companies and does not practice concentrated bets.

Built up from nothing in Malaysia, and experiencing ups and downs for 20 years, Pheim has gradually become one of the most experienced fund companies with the best reputation. The blue-chip and fund assets it manages include sovereignty institutions at home and abroad, government retirement pensions, listed transnational companies, private commercial institutions and insurance companies.

Tan just had a quiet smile when speaking of his awards and achievements of his company. He said calmly, “Once gained, these awards become history. Our achievement in the future is the key to maintain customers' trust and renewal”. He prefers to share his investment philosophy in asset management rather than his achievements. As an asian, he devised strategies within a command tent and made a difference in an area which is mostly led by westerners' opinion, so Tan is proud of his experience and investment philosophy.

When Dr. Tan was asked whether he had made any mistake in his investment decisions all these years, Dr. Tan readily answered with a yes. “Yes, all these years there were occasions when the investment decisions made didn’t turn out right; shares picked were subsequently suspended or delisted. We tried hard to remember these mistakes made and make sure that it doesn’t repeat itself”.

Company visits give investors a chance to see the operation units and meet the top management team. This investment process does not guarantee a success if the investors are not able to assess the capability and the integrity of the top management which subsequently lead to business failure.

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