Brief introduction


Brief introduction
Liu Chang, CEO of Sino Jet

Liu Chang, chief executive officer of Sino Jet Management Limited, earned her bachelor's degree in Business Administration and her master's degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of Southern California, as well as three brokerage qualifications in the United States. She has served as financial advisor in Morgan Stanley & Co., responsible for private banking and wealth management, and helped customers in Beverly Hills manage their wealth.

Ms Liu founded Sino Jet Management in 2011 and acted as its CEO, dedicated to leading and managing the company. Meanwhile she served as the president of United America Petroleum SAC in Peru, as well as an independent non-executive director of Hong Kong listed companies, Sun Innovation Holdings.

Dream high

Liu Chang's first venture was to import and export oil drilling equipment in South America. Despite the help of customers and a number of business orders, Liu Chang's initial venture was not successful. The girl with an "adventurous" spirit couldn’t even get support from her family. She could not get financial support from her family members, neither could she get a loan from banks; so she was forced to borrow money from friends. Finally a dubious friend agreed to lend money, but asked for a "high interest rate".

With one million dollars, she had succeeded in her first oil casing business. Gradually, she accumulated $ 200 million in the second year of her business and began to know the benefit of entrepreneurial success. However, due to the unstable and highly competitive import and export trade, importing and exporting oil equipment is not always a popular business. Liu Chang began her new exploration. At this time, she got to know the private jet industry.

As a female, Liu Chang is "rare" in this male-dominated industry. From pilots and engineers to ground crew, they are almost exclusively male in this industry. So what is the advantage of female? "This is a high-end service industry, but the details determine success or failure", says Liu Chang. She knows her role clearly. "I unite the team as well as deal with the guests and discuss detailed information with them. Moreover, I should have the ability to deal with each crisis.” Since women have a high tolerance capacity, Liu Chang felt her ability for rapid determination is especially needed in this industry.

She almost encounters a crisis every day in her life. There was one night, when the guests flew to Kazakhstan to refuel, the engine shook due to the bad weather. In Kazakhstan, there's barely support from the locals. Moreover, the hotel is far away from the airport. However, the guests had a very important meeting the next day in Europe. Liu Chang immediately coordinated with the original manufacturers. At the same time she checked if there was an airplane nearby which her guests could use. After finding there was none, she then rented a private jet immediately.

This process seems simple, but it involves a lot of work and decision-making. She also needed to explain to her guests about the situation. Liu Chang has already developed a habit of staying calm before difficulties. "A trivial matter to you may mean a lot to others. Our duty is to solve those things instead of creating new ones. We need to tell them the real situation and solutions to make them feel at ease and trust you," she says.

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