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Seizing Opportunities from Crisis

Ever since the Wright brothers created the first aircraft “The Aviator No.1" in 1903, aircraft have become one of the most popular travel tools in human life - nearly 800 million people shuttle by air worldwide each year.

However, public airline companies are very limited in the services they provide. People with higher social status tend to ask for the flight to become "faster, more casual, more comfortable, more intimate and more distinguished." Obviously, ordinary service provided by a public flight cannot meet their requirements. Apparently, the strong demand for exclusive flight services has suggested new opportunities. With a sharp sense of investment, Liu Chang seized this opportunity decisively and laid her leading position with her entrepreneurship in the field of private aircraft.

The financial crisis in 2008 gave a chance to Liu to get to know the private aircraft industry once again. Faced with the crisis, she used the word "honor" to describe her chance. She had unique insight to the crisis: "Crisis is the combination of danger and opportunity." Liu said, "Everyone has different feelings towards a crisis. I believe that we should have vision, courage, as well as the awareness of precaution to face it."

In the dawn of the crisis, the global aviation market also suffered a lot. However, after careful market research, Liu Chang found considerable potential in the private jet industry, which in turn strengthens her conviction in carving out a position in this field. In 2011, after full preparation, Liu Chang officially founded Sino Jet, and served as its executive president.

During her two years in office, Liu Chang threw herself into the field and became an expert in knowing the market prospects, industry status, mode of operation, management approaches and the routes and types of the airplanes. “For the Chinese mainland market,” Liu Chang clearly analyzed, "it gains the most attention from the world. Buying a private jet involves not only some successful person, but also many banks and financial institutions who intend to conduct a leasing business. Therefore, the Chinese market is different from western markets in two aspects: private purchasing and corporate and financial institutional purchasing. "

Safety First, Service-oriented Philosophy

Since the establishment of Sino Jet, the company has upheld the principle of putting customers first. With a management philosophy of pursuing excellence and perfection, Liu asked every employee to serve with their whole hearts.

With the high-end, professional, caring and extraordinary courtesy, the employees leave a deep impression with their customers. Liu Chang summarized in one sentence about the company's development philosophy: safety being the first and service being the uppermost. What Sino Jet wants to promote is service. If private jet service aims to reach a higher standard, internationalization as well as specialization should be taken into consideration.

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