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James K.S. Tu is praised as the “King of Villas” in Taiwan by the media. One third of the first top villa in Taipei – the “Hongsheng Depo”, is designed by him. Now he is the principal of Audi (International) Interior Design. He successively acquired a bachelor's degree in architecture and a master’s degree of interior design from Chung Yuan Christian University and got the certificate of Wales University MBA.

He was once the president of the Rotary Club of Central China in Taipei and a lecturer in Tungnan Unversity. He received the grand prizes of design picture competitions on many occasions, including the first prize of V – MIX KTV Design Picture Competition, Control Yuan of Taiwan Design Picture Competition and Executive Yuan of Taiwan Design Picture Competition, design and construction of the celebrity serving hall of Hongsheng Depo and the prize for the design and construction drawing for 210-square-meter actual house in Hongsheng Depo and so on.

Audi (International) Interior Design has created a splendid performance in Taiwan. It once took part in the reformation design competition of Control Yuan of Taiwan which are first class historical sites in Taiwan, and acquired first prize. Audi (International) Interior Design got the first prize in the biggest and most extravagant V-MIX KTV Design Picture Competition in Taiwan, the first prize in the Yuemei Resort Hotel Design Picture Competition in Taichung. The business of Audi Design team is to design villas at the highest level in the whole of Taiwan – Depo in Ren’ai Road, Wenhuayuan, Xinyi in Taipei and Huangxiang F4 etc.; and James K.S. Tu is called the No 1 master of villa design in Taiwan.

The representative works of his villa design are: Ren’ai Depo, Yangzhe, Yuzhiyuan, Star of Xinyi, Villa of Guande Leader, Gome Xinyi Garden, Gome Art Gallery in Dunnan, International Villa, Yulin Yard, Qingjingze, Baolai Garden Square, Zhongyue Depo, Tomson Riviera (Shanghai), Fortune Residence (Shanghai) and Boyuan Golf Villa (Shanghai), etc.

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