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Model: incising pearls in crystal plates

As a top-level interior designer enjoying a reputation in Taiwan and on the mainland, a series of successful interior design works are the best evidence of James K.S. Tu’s successful career. What is admired by people the most is that most of the design commissions accepted by him belong to top-level villas. Making interior designs for this real estate is just like incising pearls into crystal plates, which shows force and skill every inch of the way.

In fact, for every project designing a villa that he accepts, James K.S. Tu keeps improving by delicately practicing and trying to be perfect. “As in every case, Audi (International) Interior Design matches exquisite workmanship with top materials. There is no doubt that we try our best to pursue perfection. If we want to create a space property beyond the comparison of other villas, it must be executed by designers and design teams with profound practical experience, no matter that they must grapple with proportion, aesthetic concepts, application of materials or description of colors. Only in this way can we create a classical style and feature of the villas.” He wrote the above notion into the declaration of the enterprise’s core values.

James K.S. Tu achieved his real reputation in the field of villa designs in the past 10 years when he performed outstandingly in his first villa project in Taipei, “Hongsheng Depo”. The design of James K.S. Tu promoted the image of Depo, and Hongsheng Depo made Audi (International) Interior Design famous in return.

Future: soaring into the broad sea and sky high

The key for the development of an enterprise is to have an excellent team. In order to create a top team in his eyes, James K.S. Tu uses his precious time from the busy everyday business to cultivating potential young people by himself. Every year, he recruits potential graduates from colleges and universities, and helps them to grow rapidly with his words and deeds. Because he can lower himself to interact with all his staff, the turnover rate of the company is quite low; many people followed him from the beginning to start the business, and the longest person has worked faithfully for 25 years. Apart from words and deeds, it is more important to let the staff be aware of the meaning and value of doing all this.

Looking to the future, the other goal of James K.S. Tu is to turn from the present business, which mainly focuses on villa design, to more common houses, and to help customers with low and middle incomes improve their living quality by using less expensive materials and construction work. He recalled that, once when he was giving a speech at the Art Institute of National Taiwan Normal University, he showed off many of his design works of villas; and a postgraduate raised his hand and asked: “Mr. Tu, your design is so wonderful that common people can’t even get close to it; then how can they live in a residence designed by you?” The seemingly simple question shocked James K.S. Tu a lot. He realized that, he still had a broad path to expand his career in the future, and he can influence and help more people to improve their quality of living.

Especially at present as the mainland becomes richer, there is still a long way to go from basic satisfaction of materials to a great improvement in living quality like that in Europe, America and other developed countries. James K.S. Tu feels a great responsibility on his shoulder. He says that interior designers should try their best in this aspect. During the process, we can influence the customers subtly. We also can use less expensive materials to create a very comfortable space. We will constantly lead everyone to pursue the dream of acquiring a better living environment and a brand-new living concept.”

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