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“Unsettled” character and a clear mind boosted his success

“Ever since I was a child, I believed that nothing is impossible and everything can be done well. The point is whether you are willing to do it. If you want to do it and have a heart to do it well, then you will find a way.”

Wang Yingwei was born an adventurous person. To him, staying in a rut causes people to lose passion easily; however, a world full of risks and challenges enables people to realize their values in life to the utmost.

From his point of view, doing business differs from being an administrative officer in three ways. Firstly, one should remain humble and be willing to seek new solutions; secondly, one should be agile in handling real-life situations; thirdly, one should stay firm within the limits of the law.

Aiming at favorable opportunities in the development of the overseas market, actively developing and expanding the overseas market

In recent years, Wang’s focus on expanding the mainland market has gradually shifted to second and third-tier cities. To him, the expansion potential in first-tier cities is no longer promising, and with the growing trend of urbanization, real estate development in second and third-tier cities will become the key. Backed by such a forceful and continuous trend, development in large-scale complex projects in second and third-tier cities is very promising.

After the 10-year “Golden Age” of the mainland real estate market, and with the emerging luxury houses and regulatory policies, many people begin to doubt the development potential of real estate. However, Wang remains positive about the situation. “People always say that the golden decade of the Chinese real estate industry has gone, but I think real estate is a long-term business. The real estate industry in America and Europe has developed for several centuries, and that in Hong Kong has a history of more than 150 years. They are still working!” he said, “We are looking for reasonable returns but not exorbitant profits, so why can’t we continue? The point is how you are going to do it. Right now, I am focusing on second and third-tier cities. They have great potential.”

Corporate social responsibility is an inseparable part of Hsin Chong

Ever since its establishment in 1939, Hsin Chong has held on to and carried out its corporate social responsibility. To date, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an inseparable part of Hsin Chong. In this respect, we promise wholeheartedly and will never change. The board of directors, the senior management and each employee in Hsin Chong promises to practice the highest moral standards, and do business under the principle of taking into account the interests of stakeholders, communities and society. The CSR policy of Hsin Chong covers five parts: enterprise regulation, safety and health, environmental protection, employee care and social concerns.

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