Premier targets public finance, taxation and social concerns

2013-03-28 07:11

China on Tuesday launched a more market-oriented oil product pricing system to better reflect costs and adapt to fluctuations in global oil prices.

2013-03-27 07:41

The fifth BRICS summit opened in Durban, South Africa, with President Zuma hosting a banquet for his counterparts of the five-member grouping.

2013-03-27 05:28

All the factors leading to slow fiscal revenue growth are still at work in 2013, hence the government faces pressure to balance fiscal revenue and spending.

2013-03-26 15:52

China is likely to import $10 trillion worth of commodities and services in the next 5 years to boost domestic consumption.

2013-03-26 08:04

China called on EU to prudently handle the ongoing trade dispute over the nation's exports of solar products.

2013-03-26 08:00

Xi Jinping arrived in South Africa Monday to promote bilateral ties and for a BRICS summit.

2013-03-26 02:14

The China Food and Drug Administration started operation on Friday, marking a more powerful watchdog to address the country's accumulating food safety concerns.

2013-03-22 13:34

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